Your Intakereimagined

When you want quick and easy documentation, keep patients in-network, improve triaging, increase tele visits, reduce opioid usage, and more, Bicycle Health has you covered.

Smart intake for smart physicians

An algorithmic patient intake app, with an intuitive tablet based clinical assistant

Auto-generated EMR Note

Creates a EMR note that can you can copy/paste or narrate into the EMR and update with more details. Save time and stay happy.

Track patient progress

Our algorithms track your patient's condition at home and suggest when they need to see you next.

Easy referrals

Easily make referrals to other physicians your patient should see - ones that are high quality and fit the patient's schedule.

Capture rich patient data

Everything that your current intake captures and a lot more including, social and occupational history, review of systems, lifestyle and behavioral assessments and other assessments. Helps craft better care plans and in risk adjustment.

Keep up with latest guidelines

See guidelines only relevent to the patient's case - always up to date with the latest reserach.

Loved By Seniors

Intuitive user interface! 82% of patients over 65 love us over pen/paper.

How we help

Time Saved 


mins / patient

Network Leakage Reduced 


referrals / physician / month

Opioid Use Disorder
Screening Increased

82 %

more patients screened / physician / month

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