Helping patients lead fulfilling lives, free from opioid addiction

Bicycle Health is America’s #1 telehealth provider of medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD), offering an evidence-based clinical care model that includes Medications for Addiction Treatment (MAT), access to a highly-trained team of medical experts, therapy, a customized treatment plan, and peer support groups.

Bicycle Health’s mission is to address the country’s most severe public health crisis by providing access to affordable, convenient, and confidential tele-MOUD treatment for individuals in need and helping to reduce stigmas associated with opioid addiction

Leaders in MOUD Care

Through our research, and others, we’ve been able to show that: 


Bicycle Health is easy for patients to use


Bicycle Health delivers high-quality clinical outcomes


Bicycle Health’s proprietary, virtual urine drug screening has a lower falsification rare than in-person programs (<3%)

Leaders in Patient Advocacy

For patients with opioid-use disorder, we work hard with leaders in Washington DC, and at the state level to ensure access to qualify, affordable care.

Impact on Quality & Outcomes of TeleOUD Treatment

Ample research has shown that allowing access to buprenorphine via telemedicine, during the pandemic, reduced the rate of opioid-related overdoses, ER visits and deaths, and did not increase the rate of buprenorphine misuse. How will making the process more difficult improve patient outcomes?

Access to Specialists in Addiction Medicine

Addiction medicine is a high-demand specialty. Telemedicine democratizes access to these specialists, so what is the value of making a general practitioner with little or no expertise in addiction medicine a gatekeeper to this form of specialty care?

Cost of Care

The DEA’s proposed rule ignores the cost to patients of having an additional in-person exam, the cost of transportation, childcare, time off of wor, and how those impact a person in recovery. Would the in-person requirement disproportionately impact access to care for lower-income patients who already struggle to afford care?

No Accounting for Emergencies

If a patient or provider misses a scheduled in-person appointment for any reason and the appointment can’t be rescheduled within the 30 day window, the proposed rules don’t permit exceptions for any reason.  Understanding that people with OUD have a high likelihood of relapse, overdose and death if their medication runs out, is this reasonable?

Lack of Benefit of In-Person Visit

There is no evidence to support the DEA’s assumption that in-person care is more thorough than telemedicine. There is evidence that telemedicine care is more effective than in-person for most patients with OUD. The new rules mandate a less effective form of care, from a generally less specialized provider, with no evidence of benefit to offset the expense and potential harm. Why?

No Evidence of Diversion

The data is clear that buprenorphine-involved deaths did not increase despite wider access to telemedicine OUD care during the pandemic, according to research published in JAMA in January of 2023. Can DEA support their assumption in the rule that telemedicine increases risk of diversion or misuse of buprenorphine?

Increased Risks to Patient Health

There is ample research showing that patients who stop buprenorphine for OUD after just 30 days return to opioid use. One example is this 2009 study that showed 87 percent of OUD patients who tapered off of buprenorphine over a 28-day period returned to other opioid use within just three months. 

Our values

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Create together

We are committed to building innovative solutions for our patients, partners and employees together.

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Lead with empathy & respect

We are intentional about the decisions and actions we take, by considering the diverse perspectives and experiences of all walks of our community.

Always learning

We are a team that gets back on the bike. We strive to be better every day by learning and iterating and making progress towards our goals.

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Move with intention and foster trust

We are upfront about our intentions and we are honest about progress (and when there is a lack of progress).

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Drive impact

We are a team that is accountable to goals and drives demonstrable impact every day.

Perks and benefits

We're all working together toward the same mission

We hope that you are excited about all the possibilities that come with working at Bicycle Health. In addition to our mission-driven culture, we also offer these fun perks and benefits.
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Work remotely
Live and work wherever you feel happiest.
We pay competitive wages utilizing a salary formula based on a number of factors including market salary data and your experience.
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Get hooked up with the tools you need to be efficient in your work.
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Time Off
15-days of paid time off plus 8-days paid holidays.
We support all staff in academic publishing.

Frequently asked questions

I've submitted a job application. What is the next step?

After you’ve applied, we will send you an email acknowledgment that your information has been received. We do our best to review the candidate pool for open positions in a timely manner. Due to overwhelming responses to certain positions, it may take several weeks for us to complete this process. We appreciate your patience during the review process. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by a recruiter who will outline the next steps in the process. If you are not selected to move forward in the recruiting process, you will be notified by email. Please don’t be discouraged if you are not selected, we are growing and you might be a great candidate for a future opportunity.

Can I apply by just sending in my resume?

We encourage you to apply online through our careers page to ensure your are being considered for the position.

How can I see if a job has been filled?

In general, jobs that appear on our site are open and active, even though the interview process may have already started. If you don’t find a position that was previously shown on the site, then it is filled or is no longer available.

What is the interview process like at Bicycle Health?

Just like working here, the interview process is both rigorous and fun! Once the interview process has begun, we make it a priority for candidates to meet with multiple leaders and care team members. It’s important to us that you and the team have every opportunity to ask the questions needed to make sure the position is right for you.
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