Patient Advisory Council

At Bicycle Health, we believe that innovation is driven by people with unique perspectives working towards a common goal. We recognize that placing our patients' insights and experience at the forefront is essential for making meaningful change.

Our Patient Advisory Council (PAC) is a forum for Bicycle Health patients, loved ones, and staff to share ideas and work together to improve our program for current and future patients. Central to our process is creating an environment in which all voices are valued and all perspectives are incorporated into our improvement efforts. Our group members are friendly and welcoming, which leads to easy collaboration and creativity!

Our Purpose

Guided by Bicycle Health’s mission, vision, and values, the Patient Advisory Council is dedicated to ensuring delivery of the highest standards of safe, comprehensive, accessible, and compassionate healthcare by Bicycle Health. The PAC does this by working in partnership with Bicycle Health leadership, providers, and staff to provide a safe, confidential, and consistent space to:

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Strengthen communication and collaboration amongst patients, families, and caregivers

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Promote patient advocacy and involvement

Provide constructive feedback in an effort to improve care delivery

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Propose and participate in programs, services, and policies

What to expect:

When does the Patient Advisory Council meet?

We meet via Zoom on the second Monday of each month from 8-9 pm Eastern Time.

How much participation is expected?

We understand that participating in a PAC is a new experience for most people and that there will be different levels of comfort when it comes to group participation. At the beginning of each meeting, we ask that everyone share their name and how long they've been at Bicycle Health. After this brief intro, group members can choose to just listen for the remainder of the meeting or jump in at any point. The meeting environment is welcoming, respectful, and friendly, which makes it easier for people to share when they feel ready.

What happens in the meetings?

During each meeting, PAC members review progress made on existing projects, discuss next steps, and identify additional areas for program improvement. Each quarter, the PAC Director (Dr. Rebekah Rollston) shares updates with the Bicycle Health leadership team who will help to implement changes recommended by the group.

What projects does the group work on?

Examples of project topics include development of community-facing educational materials (with evidence-based information about opioid use disorder and its treatment), financial support options for patients in need, and initiatives to increase support group involvement. We encourage PAC members to think creatively about all of the ways we can improve the Bicycle Health experience from smaller changes (e.g., app login problems) to larger initiatives (e.g., advocacy efforts). All ideas are welcome!

Do members have to do work outside the meetings?

There are occasional opportunities for PAC members to collaborate on projects asynchronously (via shared Google doc), though this is completely optional and based on each respective member's availability.

Meet Our PAC Leader

Rebekah Rollston, MD, MPH, is a Family Medicine Physician, Director of the Patient Advisory Council, and former Head of Clinical Research at Bicycle Health. She earned her Medical Degree from East Tennessee State University Quillen College of Medicine (in the Rural Primary Care Track) and her Master of Public Health (MPH) from The George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health. Rebekah completed her residency at Tufts University and Cambridge Health Alliance, a Harvard-affiliated community healthcare system in Greater Boston, with emphases in addiction medicine and sexual & reproductive health. Her professional interests focus on social determinants of health & health equity, addiction medicine, gender-based violence, sexual & reproductive health, rural health, homelessness & supportive housing, and immigrant health. Rebekah is an East Tennessee native, now living in Boston. In her free time, she enjoys running, yoga, hiking, camping, traveling with her husband, and volunteering with Back On My Feet.

Want to learn more?

Please reach out to Rebekah Rollston at [email protected] or chat with your Bicycle Health clinician today!
View Bicycle Health's presentation, entitled "Implementation of a Novel Telehealth Patient Advisory Council," from the American Telemedicine Association 2022 Annual Conference in Boston:
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