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Bicycle Health operates through a smartphone app for secure communication with your doctor. We understand the problems with high quality opioid dependence treatment so we've built our entire service around helping patients start treatment fast and support our patients on demand over the long run. Here's how the process works:

  1. Schedule an in-person visit with our doctor. Your first appointment with our doctor will be in person at one of our California locations. This will be a 60 - 90 minute visit where the doctor will cover your medical history, mental health history, substance use history, provide an accurate diagnosis and create an individualized treatment plan that works for you. You can start your prescription immediately after the appointment.
  2. Follow up with the doctor through our app. You will be asked to download a secure communication app called Spruce. After the first appointment, you can use the app to communicate with your doctor at any time. You will have scheduled video calls through the app. The video calls will be weekly at the beginning, going down to once every two weeks and eventually once a month as your treatment progresses. The doctor might order lab tests that you will need to complete before the video calls, which can be done at any LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics location near you.
  3. Electronic prescription refills. Your doctor will refill your prescription after every video visit electronically. Hence, you can pick your prescription right after every video visit. We can even home deliver your prescription at no extra cost to you.

Be sure to read our pricing page before booking your appointment.

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