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"I highly recommend bicycle health I started last week and it seriously has been so easy and the doctor is so awesome and nice listens to me don't judge and just is super awesome they have a text app that someone always responds to and they are very easy to get a hold of everything is basically video for visits and texts for questions it's not heard alot of but it is so far a great telemed option 😊 just wanted to get some word out their about them"

My Doctor. Dr. Rutland is amazing! The other support staff is also fantastic and very responsive.

Sales Manager, Texas

It's easy and convient I dont have to leave work and everyone I've spoke with are professional and very nice it's my favorite doc I've ever been to and I've been to alot of docs

Assistant Superintendent, Virginia

That it is very convinent and easy to do not stressful or overbearing and that the appointments are short and the doctors and staff are very friendly and heartfelt

Sales Dependent, Wisconsin

I like everything about it. You have helped in everyway possible.


Everyone there has been extremely positive and helpful. Also have always been quick to respond to my questions or issues w.getting prescription etc. Overall its just been very helpful

Cashier, Florida

The convenience of getting help around my needs and schedule. I believe that if more people that need help knew about Bicycle Health, it would dramatically change the opioid abuse statistics.

Asst Store Manager, Alabama

What do I like the best? The one on one face time and how caring my doctor is .

Tara L.

There has been NO JUDGMENT, JUST HELP from people that are available if you need them. Very easy to talk to and they make it very simple to comply with everything you need to do to stay in the program. There would not be an opiate crisis if there were more programs like this. Thank you BICYCLE HEALTH. I LOVE MY DR. SHE HAS BEEN THE BEST PART.

Home Maker, Virginia

What do I like the best? The easiness of it all, and the compassion felt from my doctor.

Bicycle Health Patient

That when I had no way of trying to figure out how I was going to get treatment and get help y'all were that night and shining armor y'all do whatever y'all can to help y'all's clients

Construction Worker, Alabama

I like the staff first and foremost. Everybody I've dealt with has been awesome. Secondly I appreciate the privacy aspect of having everything take place online. It's worked out great all around for me. I'm very grateful to have Bicycle Health as my provider.

Aerospace Technician, Florida

Mrs. Jill is absolutely great. You can tell she is sincere and really cares about her patients. She makes me feel like I’m not being judged when I talk to her and she is extremely sweet.

Marketing Consultant, Florida

Dr. Jill Kirby has been very kind, patient and helpful.

Retired Park Ranger

Customer service. Everyone is very easy to speak with openly. I was reserved stepping into this move forward with you guys.

Business Management, Virginia

I like how every step, every person treated me with respect and is so very kind.

Paralegal, Arizona

Your staff is wonderfully supportive and patient

CNA, Florida

My Doctor that is helping me, she is amazing!

Warehouse Manager, Florida

There's so many things I like that is hard to choose only one.. but I believe the easy process to schedule a video appointment without having to drive to a clinic is the part I love so much, I can have my appointments from the comfort of my home. That is amazing! and makes the whole process much easier, there's absolutely no excuse to not get the help we need when we don't even have to leave home to see a doctor. You guys are the best!

Dental Office Manager, California

Quick response, excellent Dr., great professional people all around.

Patient, Illinois

I love that it is virtual and that I don’t have to spend gas money going to and from office visits etc.

Assembler, Maine

It's very affordable and very convenient. I tried to get help in the past but I was looking at paying double if not triple monthly with my insurance. I cannot express how much bicycle health has helped me.

Civil Engineer, Montana

The compassionate, discreet online plan has been great.! I’ve been looking for help forever and you’re the first ones who were willing to work with me

Restaurant Manager, Wisconsin

Great! Extremely attentive,helpful,and caring.

Security Guard, California

Everytime I have a question I always get a response back. Thank bvb you

Painter, Florida

The ability to receive healthcare from anywhere you have Internet or connection to have an appointment via telemedicine and the spruce app to message your provider or staff anytime.

Avondale, AZ

The program is wonderful. It’s convenient, and easy to participate and fulfill what’s required, without having to waste a bunch of time or wake up first thing in the morning. Staff and the doctor are always reachable and easy to talk with.

Store Manager, Maine

Every thing has been convenient and simple

Bicycle Health Patient

My provider Dr. RUTLANDhe clinical specialist, (Erica Lopez) have been more than AWESOME! ALWAYS THERE WITHIN MINUTES!

Landman, Texas

I got quick immediate help when I needed it, and everyone I have spoken to has been very helpful and informative during my time of reaching out for help to get and stay clean. I extremely appreciate how helpful the staff and doctor have been. I’m so excited to be a part of Bicycle Health and I couldn’t be more thankful for the help I’ve been receiving. I’ve been able to function throughout the day and just live a better, happier, sober life.

Bicycle Health Patient

One of the things I love about Bicycle Health is the ability to use telemedicine to communicate with my doctor. Appointments can take place anywhere I am: at work, when I’m out of town, even in my bed at home! I am so grateful for the compassionate care I’ve received from Bicycle Health.

Mia S.

I have not ever had a staff as caring and efficient as Bicycle Health. I have always had every question answered and really feel like my sobriety had been due to the way they care about their patients. My life has improved 100% on this medication. I can deal with the ups and downs, am rarely depressed, don't have a lot of anxiety and have my energy back. I feel like a normal person again.

Bicycle Health Patient

I was introduced to Medication Assisted Treatment and it changed my life. Bicycle health was very helpful, supportive and assisted me without judgement. Now I feel I have a reason to live, have hopes for the future and finally feel relatively happy. I have not known happiness as long as I can remember.

Ryan K.

I’ve tried many other programs and rehabs but none of them have ever come close to the innovative, effective, design of this program and its administrators. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BICYCLE HEALTH!!! I would suggest that anyone who’s struggling with opioid dependence, contact them for help today!

Mary Z.

They care so much. They take the time to meet with you throughout the week to see how your treatment is affecting you personally. They care to find what works best for your body and your recovery. I have taken my life back. I have control over my finances again, I can get in touch with my emotions again and I am no longer hating myself at the end of the day. I’m happier and healthier all around.

Bicycle Health Patient

My experience with Bicycle Health Provider and my health coach has been amazing. They are a experienced company that truly cares about my well being emotionally and physically. They are the best treatment program company that I have experienced and I highly recommend using them!


My experience has been wonderful. They have been so kind and helpful to me through this whole experience. Never judgemental or condescending. I have taken my life back. I have control over my finances again, I can get in touch with my emotions again and I am no longer hating myself at the end of the day. I’m happier and healthier all around.

Bicycle Health patient

Way better than other treatment programs! My life has changed in too many good ways to list them all. Mainly I’m back to being myself and gaining my families trust again.

Bicycle Health patient

My life has improved 100%. I can deal with the ups and downs, am rarely depressed, dont have a lot of anxiety and have my energy back. I feel like a normal person again. My family has noticed the change in me and they love it. The biggest thing though, is that I have had ZERO cravings for opiods and that is a miracle.

Lynette P.

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