Support Groups

We offer online support groups, which serve as safe, confidential spaces to meet with others who are also in recovery. During these meetings, patients have the opportunity to connect with others with shared experiences, learn strategies for maintaining wellness and abstinence from opioid use, and provide encouragement for group members experiencing life challenges.

Support Group Outline

At the start of the hour-long meeting, the Recovery Coach leader will introduce themselves and give members the opportunity to share how they're doing, ask questions, and provide support for one another. Following this initial check-in, the group will discuss topics related to recovery and learn from one anothers shared experience. These are some of the topics we talk about in our group meetings:

What is Recovery?
Overcoming Stigma
What is Suboxone?
Relationships in Recovery
Managing Triggers and Cravings
Managing Opiod Withdrawal
Stress Management
Self Acceptance
Stages of Change

Everyone at Bicycle Health is really super nice and polite, and they really seem to care. I’m not used to being treated so nicely.

Bicycle Health understood my needs from the start and were very accepting of where I was at in my recovery.

I feel like I’ve got this. I’ve got help. I have energy again, and motivation again. I couldn’t be happier.

My provider is fantastic. She asks all sorts of questions and actually listens to my answers. She’s great!

It’s so much easier than having to go to a doctor’s office. Bicycle Health is a savior for me.

I don’t know where I’d be without Bicycle Health. I couldn’t ask for a better way to get the help I need.

Joining groups

Our support groups are listed in our Bicycle Health App right on the Home screen, after the "My Appointments" section. If you are having persistent tech challenges, please reach out\through the Bicycle Health App for more support.