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Bicycle Health patient since Apr 13, 2021

At some point about 10-15 years ago, between my back pain and dental pain, I’d intermittently been on opioids. Then I had a kidney stone, and a doctor wrote a huge prescription for opioids, and I ended up hooked after that. I was on and off with opioids for many years. Then my mom got diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), and I finally decided to try to stop. I went through withdrawal when I eventually stopped, and things got pretty bad. I got online to try to figure something out, some kind of remedy to curb the withdrawal effects. I found Bicycle Health, talked to my mom about it, then went ahead and tried it.

That was my life, trying to keep pills on-hand, making sure I knew where to get more pills before I ran out. At times when I’d run out, it was no good. It affected my life at home with my family in a really negative way. At work, I wasn’t a very good worker when I didn’t have pills, and when I did have them, there were negative effects as well. I made really good money while working throughout those 10-15 years, but I have nothing to show for it because of my opioid habit.

Now that I’m on Suboxone, I can function. I function normally. I’m not high anymore. I can think right. I sleep better, eat better, feel better. I’m bettering myself in every way. I have a pile of savings… I’m actually saving money now. I pay my bills. I don’t need to borrow money anymore.

I live with my mother and grandfather. He’s 91 years old… he has hearing problems, vision problems, and COPD. My mom has ALS. When I’m not working, I take care of my mom full-time. When you called, I just got done making her dinner. 

I’m ecstatic about telehealth… this way I’m able to do all my appointments from home. It’s just so much easier and more convenient this way. I don’t know where I’d be without Bicycle Health. It’s great, it’s really great. I couldn’t ask for a better way to get the help I need.

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