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Bicycle Health patient since Apr 13, 2021

I’ve always run to something, instead of thinking about [my obstacles]. Regarding opioids, I had four surgeries within a year… shoulder surgeries, osteomyelitis, almost tore my thumb off. I took Percocet for the surgeries, then seemed to get off that. Then my girlfriend died from cancer in 2016, and I lost my identity, went off the face of the earth. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I tried meth a few times. Then I started using a little heroin, then a little bit more. I actually went and robbed a Chevron, of all things. I was just in a daze after she died. I was suddenly homeless, I needed money, and I was dependent on heroin. The judge only gave me 270 days… she could see what I was going through. I survived that sentence and thought I’d be good.

Then in the last year, I started using heroin, this time “just to see.” I carried on with that intermittently for a year. I eventually told my son, and he recommended Suboxone. So, I looked online and found Bicycle Health. Within a week, I was off heroin. I had a fleeting thought I could do this on my own, so I stopped Suboxone, and after three weeks, I was already back on heroin. I immediately called Bicycle Health and restarted Suboxone… they got back to me immediately, they stuck with me. And now I feel like I’ve got this. I’ve got help. I have energy again, and motivation again. I couldn’t be happier.

In fact, three days ago I got a call from the guy I used to buy heroin from. I told him, “I’m fine right now.” That was a big deal for me… I didn’t even hesitate to say I didn't need it. That was a big step for me. That lifestyle with heroin was crazy.

Now I have something that actually supports me. I got a haircut with my son the other day, and I can just see his happiness. I finally get to see my grandkids again. I’m smiling inside. I’m starting to feel peace again. 

And now I just get up in the mornings, have a cup of coffee like a normal person. I’m quite happy inside.

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