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Bicycle Health patient since Apr 13, 2021

I’ve had stage 4 cancer for three years now, and because of the cancer pain, my doctor put me on oxycodone. However, after being on it for a year or so, it just wasn’t controllable. I’d need more and more to handle the cancer pain. In my third year with stage 4 cancer, I felt the oxycodone was getting out of control for me. I was taking five 20 mg oxycodone pills per day, and I still felt like I needed to go up from there. So, I eventually decided to see if Suboxone would help me with pain control.

Then, with the COVID-19 pandemic and my health, I didn’t really want to be going out… I tried going out as little as possible. That’s when I contacted Bicycle Health.

Bicycle Health always gets right back to me. They don’t rush you. They answer all of your questions. And my provider is fantastic. She asks all sorts of questions and actually listens to my answers. She’s great! She’s like having a doctor in my pocket. And I found my cancer pain is controlled very well on Suboxone.

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