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What Do Suboxone/Buprenorphine Pills Look Like?

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Reviewed By Peter Manza, PhD • Updated Jan 15, 2024 • 3 cited sources

Brand-name Suboxone tablets or pills are small, orange, and hexagonal. They contain both naloxone and buprenorphine, and they’re marked accordingly. 

But plenty of generic Suboxone versions exist, and some manufacturers make pills that contain just buprenorphine without naloxone.

If you’ve purchased Suboxone from a pharmacy, it’s safe. You can ask your pharmacist to explain who manufactured your medication.

If you’ve bought Suboxone illicitly, it may not be safe or contain buprenorphine/naloxone. Dealers know how to disguise their drugs to trick even people who have experience taking Suboxone. Never trust anything you buy from a dealer. There’s no way to ensure these medications are safe, even if you use an online pill identifier. One of the main reasons people might consider buying Suboxone illegally is that they’ve lost their medication and need it immediately. However, there are still safe and legal ways to obtain emergency Suboxone.

Keep reading to learn more about what your Suboxone medications might look like.

Quick Answer

Brand-name Suboxone pills are orange, uncoated, hexagonal and have the word Suboxone along with the pill’s strength on them. Generic buprenorphine/naloxone pills tend to be round, orange or white and have the strength embossed on them.

Suboxone Tablets & Pills: How to Recognize Them

Pharmacies dispense Suboxone in bottles and sealed packages. You may not see them until you prepare for your first dose. Here’s what your medications should look like:

Brand-Name Suboxone

Suboxone pills typically look like this:[1,2]

  • Hexagonal
  • Orange
  • Uncoated
  • Debossed with the word Suboxone and the pill’s strength  

Each Suboxone pill typically contains buprenorphine and naloxone in a 4:1 ratio, with buprenorphine being the dominant active ingredient.

‍Two Suboxone tablet doses exist:[2]

  • 2 mg of buprenorphine with 0.5 mg of naloxone: This pill has either “N2” or “B2” embossed on it.
  • 8 mg of buprenorphine with 2 mg of naloxone: This pill has either “N8” or “B8” embossed on it.


Other ingredients in Suboxone pills help the dose release at a stable rate into the body, create the color of the tablet, and preserve the medication’s shelf-life. These ingredients might include the following:

  • Lactose
  • Mannitol
  • Corn starch
  • Citric acid
  • Sodium citrate
  • Povidone 30
  • FD&C Yellow No. 6
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Acesulfame K sweetener
  • Lemon/lime flavor

[Warning: You should never, under any circumstances, buy generic or brand-name Suboxone from illicit sources, such as dealers or the dark web. You have no way of confirming that the drug you’re purchasing is actually Suboxone—it could contain potent and dangerous drugs like fentanyl or other chemicals that can harm your health. ]

Generic Suboxone

Suboxone pills taken under the tongue are also available in generic form, which could be less expensive.[3]

These pills are typically round with dosage and strength information embossed on them.

Generic Suboxone options include the following:

Actavis 154WhiteCircular154
Actavis 155WhiteCircular155
AN 415OrangeCircularAN 415
M 2NOrangeHexagonalM 2N
ML 2WhiteHexagonalML 2
ML 8WhiteHexagonalML 8
N2 Logo (Arrow)WhiteCircularArrow and N2
N8 Logo (Arrow)WhiteCircularArrow and N8
RP n2OrangeCircularRP n2
RP n8OrangeCircularRP n8
54 122PeachCircular54 122
54 375PeachCircular54 375
93 B9WhiteCapsule93 B9
93 5721WhiteCircular93 5721

Generic Variants and Identifiers

Several manufacturers produce generic Suboxone, including:

  • Alvogen
  • Aveva
  • Dr Reddys Labs SA
  • Mylan Technologies

There are many different kinds of generic buprenorphine/naloxone but below are some images of common types:




Other Buprenorphine Pills

Generic versions of buprenorphine without naloxone are also available, though these medications have a higher risk of misuse than Suboxone. This is because naloxone, which is an opioid antagonist, acts as a misuse deterrent by causing precipitated withdrawal if someone injects or snorts their Suboxone.

A buprenorphine-only brand-name medication is called Subutex, which looks like an oval-shaped white pill. However, Subutex has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Other buprenorphine pills you might encounter include the following:

B 798WhiteOval-shapedB 798
B 799WhiteOval-shapedB 799
M 923WhiteRoundM 923
M 924WhiteRoundM 924
RP b2WhiteRoundRP b2
RP 8bWhiteRoundRP 8b
2 Arrow LogoWhiteRoundArrow and 2
RP 8bWhiteRoundRP 8b
54 411White Round54 411
8 Arrow LogoWhiteRoundArrow and 8
Actavis 153OrangeOval-shaped153
Actavis 156OrangeElliptical156

How Do I Get Suboxone Treatment?

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Reviewed By Peter Manza, PhD

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