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What should I expect at my first MAT appointment?

At your first appointment, your provider will listen  to your goals and expectations for treatment.  You’ll be asked about your previous experiences with opioids, other drugs, your physical and mental health, and social and living situation.  All this information will be used  to help you and your provider develop a treatment plan.

We’ll also explain the requirements and expectations of Bicycle Health services  that allow us to provide safe and effective care to you. This includes routine drug testing which helps patients stay accountable to their goals and helps us verify success.  The plan may include other services based upon your needs and preferences.

You can then expect to talk in detail with your provider about buprenorphine/naloxone (Suboxone) treatment including information about risks and benefits and other available treatment options.  You’ll review a detailed plan to begin the medication at home. You will need to be experiencing withdrawal symptoms when starting it, and we’ll walk you through that process so that you’re able to start successfully and with minimal discomfort.  Your provider will then schedule a follow-up visit, and you’ll continue to see the same provider for ongoing treatment.

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Is Suboxone treatment a fit for you?

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