Share your experience with us

Help us create a better service! Pick a time to tell us your story about seeking treatment for opiate dependence 

Hearing from you lets us improve our services for you and others. As a big thank you – we’ll give you a $50 Amazon gift card. The conversation is completely confidential, and we'll talk over video-conferencing or phone (your choice). You don’t have to prepare, apart from making sure that you have a good internet connection and are in a quiet place where you can speak freely.

What to expect:

  • The conversation will take between 45 minutes to an hour - make sure you have enough time.
  • We will focus on your journey looking for addiction treatment. That means we will not go into detail about your medical history, current symptoms, or any personal health information.
  • You will need have a computer that can do videoconferencing with Zoom, or a or phone good network connection.