After-hours Urgent On-call System

If you need immediate medical attention from a Bicycle Health provider (physician or advanced-practice clinician) outside of regular hours, the on-call system can be used to page an on-call provider urgently.

The on-call provider will respond, either through the Bicycle Health app, by email, or by phone, to urgent concerns within 30 minutes.

The on-call provider can provide immediate assistance for the following:

  • You're having an unexpected reaction to a medication we prescribe.
  • You're hospitalized, and your treating hospital provider would like to coordinate with your Bicycle Health provider.
  • The directions we’ve provided for starting your care are unclear, and you need help understanding how to take your medication.
  • The pharmacy that we recommended for your first buprenorphine (Suboxone) prescription needs to speak with our provider to fill it, or cannot fill it.
  • You’re having an urgent medical need related to another condition that your Bicycle Health provider is treating, i.e. depression, PTSD, Hepatitis...

If you are concerned you may harm yourself or someone else, don’t wait to hear back from our on-call provider. Contact the National Lifeline immediately at 1-800-273-8255, and learn more about the Lifeline services at

The on-call provider cannot assist with the following:

  • Medical Emergencies.  If you are experiencing a medical emergency, contact 911 immediately.
  • Requests to replace or refill medication, or re-send a prescription to a different pharmacy.s
  • Requests related to a condition that your Bicycle Health provider is not treating for you
  • Scheduling, billing, pharmacy support, insurance support, appointment cancelations, or technical support 

For concerns that the on-call provider cannot address, do not use the urgent on-call system.  For these concerns a team member will respond to your message in the Bicycle Health app promptly during regular hours.