Online Support Groups

Free online meetings with peers who are looking to stop opioid use

Online support groups

If you are having a hard time with opioid use, or are in medication assisted treatment for opioid use disorder—this meeting is for you!

Too often, the journey to get off opioids can be a lonely one. These meetings are a safe space with only people who are looking for help with opioid use. Come share your story and support others on this journey.

Groups are for active Bicycle Health patients. You can attend any meeting via a phone or video call from the comfort of your home. Groups are every Wednesday and Sunday at 6pm PT. Reach out on the Bicycle Health app if you are interested!

What is Bicycle Health?

We are an online clinic that offers Medication Assisted Treatment to provide relief for opioid withdrawal and long term treatment to cut down on or stop using opioids.

We typically prescribe a formulation of Buprenorphine/Naloxone (Suboxone) and provide free online support groups and mental health services.

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Imagine what’s possible on the other side of opioid use disorder.

Our science-backed approach boasts 95% of patients reporting no withdrawal symptoms at 7 days. We can help you achieve easier days and a happier future.

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