Vikram Khanna, MD

Family Medicine

Dr. Vikram Khanna is a Board Certified Family Doctor for 20 years. He graduated from UC Davis Medical School and did his Family Medicine Residency in Modesto, CA. Since then, he has been practicing in Modesto and nearby counties like Stanislaus, San Joaquin and Fresno. He has a long history of treating the complex and interwoven medical, psychiatric, and substance misuse challenges faced by the medically vulnerable and homeless. He also enjoys collaborating with both private and governmental agencies to help in any way possible to limit the ravages of the opioid epidemic.

He strongly believes that he has not seen an area within medicine as critically underserved by the medical establishment as stigma free and patient empowering substance misuse treatment. Not only do patients lose when they can't find genuinely caring and qualified doctors, but their whole family does as well! Lives are needlessly interrupted and tragedies have become much too common. Although Dr. Khanna stopped delivering babies years ago, prescribing suboxone / buprenorphine allows him to witness the rebirths of the hopes, spirits, talents, and wonderful dreams of my patients. In his own words, "This is by far the most rewarding work I have ever done; the feeling I am left with when I am supporting a patient's best efforts at abstinence is JOY."

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