Lea Larch


Lea is a Licensed Professional Counselor and an Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor who resides in Charleston, West Virginia. Lea has worked with those struggling with substance use, depression, anxiety, trauma, mood, and personality disorders throughout the entirety of her career. With a decade of experience, Lea has worked every level of care from detox to general outpatient. Lea has a passion to help her community and other communities like it, that have been ravished by addiction because this struggle hits close to home. Not many families in West Virginia can say they haven’t been touched by addiction in some way. Lea believes that therapy is a beneficial resource for anyone looking to make a change in their lives and her approach begins with assuring you feel safe and respected while in session. Lea provides effective coping skills, emotional regulation tools, ways to tolerate stress, and methods to help you find and accept the true you.

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Phone: (844) 943-2514

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Use the Bicycle Health app to let your care team know you need to arrange a follow-up visit with Lea Larch.

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Do not delay, seek care immediately through emergency services (911). Contact your care team through the Bicycle Health app only after receiving immediate emergency care to arrange follow-up with Lea Larch.

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