Kathryn Rutland, MD

Addiction Medicine

Dr. Rutland uses an integrative approach to the treatment of addiction and aims to offer her clients excellence in care for chemical dependency and related problems. She is a fierce advocate for clients with dependency problems and is dedicated to helping clients and families find hope and healing, meeting people wherever they are in the process of change. Understanding that addictive disorders have many causes, Dr. Rutland will explore the elements leading up to your symptoms and help you find a way forward. She creates a safe, reliable, and nurturing environment through which healing can occur. During your consultation, you can explore the possible bio-psycho-social contributions to your symptoms and establish a comprehensive treatment plan that is specialized to your needs. Dr. Rutland may collaborate with trusted practitioners in complementary disciplines when necessary. Dr. Rutland is board certified in Addiction Medicine and Family Medicine, completed medical school at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine and residency at the University of Louisville. She also has a master’s degree in public health from the University of Kentucky, and a BS in Sociology where she graduated magna cum laude. She completed her training in addiction medicine in Houston, Texas under some of the best-known psychiatrists and addictionologists in the state.

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