Designer who codes

Location: Boston, MA.

Imagine being able to design a healthcare service from the ground up. It’s feel, it’s story, it’s voice, it’s flow. A service that combines human empathy and creativity, along with technology’s efficiency and precision. A service that doesn’t just treat a disease, it helps a person achieve health and wellness. And ultimately helps a person find purpose and joy.

Bicycle Health is a rapidly growing early stage startup that aims to help millions of Americans decrease their opioid use via Medication Assisted Treatment and Opioid Tapering. Since our launch in January 2019, we have served over 250 patients with close to $1.5M in funding and good early outcomes. Our mission is to improve access to treatment for patients with opioid dependence and provide comprehensive care through telemedicine.

We are looking for our designer + engineer to join our cross functional team of clinicians, therapists and operators. This is a magical time to join us: we are profitable, with a small core team and almost zero legacy design or code.

You can expect to:
  • Define our voice: Interact with our patients and work a talented team of behavioral health professionals, addiction medicine clinicians and engineers to design how we come across to the world.
  • Design our patients experiences: From our ads to the website to our care packages, we engage our patients and their families over a mix of online and offline channels.
  • Craft our care team experiences: A simple, intuitive and powerful delivery experience for a multi-specialty care team is key to providing fantastic and consistent care.
  • Write beautiful front end code: Build smooth & reliable responsive web experiences that are SEO friendly. Leverage and deepen skills in Javascript, React, Redux, CSS, HTML.
  • Apply your specific blend of super powers: We'll celebrate your dual ability to design and code. We have no end of fascinating challenges that can only be solved by someone with innate UX sense, technical aptitude, and great taste.
  • Autonomy: Over your work, to build your team, set the company culture and create impact.
  • Help millions of people break free from their opioid jails: Work with a talented, enthusiastic and mission driven team of passionate individuals.
  • Equity in Bicycle Health: We just closed our first round of financing - get in on the ground floor!

To apply, send an email to the founder Ankit Gupta ( with your resume / LinkedIn along with a few projects you have worked on in the past.